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An Open Letter to Aakar Patel

Dear Mr Patel, This is in response to your piece published in today’s TOI under a presumptuously named column ‘AakaarVani’. I’m writing this to correct you on some factual and a lot of perceptual errors that seem to behind almost every sentence in the piece. I’m writing in the hope that you may correct these, unless of course these aren’t inadvertent, but deliberate spin that you want to give to bolster the argument you make in the title of the piece. Let me start by pointing out the irony in the title itself, since having written it yourself, you obviously didn’t spot it. That an article criticizing the army and saying a lot of things about the faujis is titled “Nothing can be said about our faujis, they’re above criticism”. If irony … Read entire article »

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Penny foolish pound foolish …

I would like to meet the babu who came up with the apparently brilliant idea of excluding the Pre-Mature Retirees (PMR) from the ambit of OROP – I’m told he’s one of the smarties from PMO. On the face of it, he must have really impressed his political masters. After all, in one stroke the assessed burden of granting OROP has been reduced to less than half. And, since the affected people have chosen to leave the service voluntarily before their superannuation, they can’t complain if they don’t get the same terms as those who serve full time. And this had the potential to cause fissures amongst the veteran community, weakening the movement which has assumed ominous proportions for the government. Beaming with pride, he must have gone and explained his … Read entire article »

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Mirza Ghalib and the veterans

Mirza Ghalib and the veterans

Mirza Asad-Ullah Khan Ghalib died a poor, miserable man. Like most geniuses, his work got its true approbation long after he wasn’t around to bask in the glory. But the lack of recognition was only part of the reason for his misery. He had much too high an opinion of himself to hanker for praise from lesser mortals, though admittedly it never hurt to be extoled at mushairas. The major cause of his melancholy was … Read entire article »

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