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The “White Mutiny” of Monghyr 1776

The “White Mutiny” of Monghyr 1776

While the sepoy uprising of 1857 remains the best-known mutiny in the history of British Raj in India, there have been several others, notable being the mutiny by Naval ratings in Mumbai in 1946. However, one of the earliest ones, and one about which very little has been written, was the ‘White Mutiny’ of 1776. As evident from the label, it was the British officers and men who were up in arms against the authority, … Read entire article »

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Mahabharat over Arjun

Image via Wikipedia A lot has been written on the whipping given by our very own home-grown battle tank Arjun to that upstart of a Russian import T 90, in recently concluded comparative trials between the two. More muted are the voices about the Army’s dissatisfaction with Arjun. Passions often run high between the unfortunate adversaries in this drama, who rightfully should be on the same side of the fence. On one side is the user – the Army. At stake for the Army, if the tank fails to perform as promised, are possible lost battles and wars, own casualties and loss of reputation. On the other side is the developer – the DRDO, who feels its professional competence and reputation hinges on the acceptability of the tank, after taking a … Read entire article »

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