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Elections : A Case Study

Disclaimer – The situation and characters in this case study are entirely fictional and resemblance, if any, to any individuals or organizations is purely coincidental. The company in which you are a shareholder has been having a poor run in the past few years. What had seemed to be a money spinner with promising growth just a few years ago is struggling to even break even. There have been recent instances of some of the senior management being involved in serious misdealings. The CEO, though apparently a very honest and capable person, has not been able to exercise any modicum of leadership to stem the rot that has gripped the company. The water-fountain gossip is that he is merely a puppet in the hand of the family that owns the business. You … Read entire article »

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Managing Bosses Then and Now

Image via Wikipedia After Yudhisthira lost his kingdom to his cousins the Kauravas in a game of dice, the Pandavas were required to spend twelve years in exile, followed by one year in hiding incognito. The stipulation was that in case their identities were revealed during this one year, they would have to go into exile all over again. The Pandavas decided to spend this year in the service of King Virata of Matasya, in different disguises. Yudhisthira would become a courtier giving sage advice to the king as a sanyasi; Bhim would indulge in his passion for food by taking the job of a cook; Arjun would live out a year as a eunuch serving the ladies of the court, thereby also simultaneously undergoing the curse of a year of … Read entire article »

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Mentoring: Lessons from Mahabharata

Image via Wikipedia When the battle which later came to be known as Mahabharata was imminent, the opposing sides began garnering support of like minded kings and form alliances with them. Sri Krishna, the ruler of Dwarka, was considered a good potential ally because of the might of the Yadav army he commanded and because of his personal value as a master strategist and diplomat. By a coincidence, Arjun and Duryodhan both reached Sri Krishna’s palace at the same time, to seek alliance with him, and it happened to be at a time when Krishna was sleeping. Arjun, sitting at Krishna’s feet, caught his eye first when he woke up. He was thus given the first of the two choices placed by Krishna before the cousins. He offered the entire Yadav … Read entire article »

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