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Indo-Nepal Border Dispute – An Explainer

An explainer on the Indo-Nepal border dispute, based on articles /open source inputs. Received from a friend on social media Historical Background ·         Anglo-Nepal Treaty of Sugauli of 1816. The treaty determines the Kali river as the western boundary between British India and Nepal. Nepal has produced an East India Company map from the archives to show that the British considered the tributary of the Kali River, the Limpiyadhura, as its main channel. But a map drawn up in 1879 after surveys had been carried out shows the boundary along a ridge just west of the Tinker Pass. As per this and later official British maps and what India claims, Kali River originates from a natural spring at Kalapani, where it is joined by a rivulet flowing down from Lipulekh Pass. This was … Read entire article »

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China : Some Plainspeak

The article forming the basis of this story has caused immense amount of debate here, and I guess also in China. It is a realistic scenario, but personally I have reservations about it. The biggest difference between 1962 and today is that both of us have nuclear weapons. While China has the bandwidth to still go ahead and risk a limited nuclear response by India, the provocation will have to be very high. Arunachal has not really been very high on its list of priorities, as it is more interested in the Aksai Chin, from which its land link between Tibet and Xinjinag (spelling?) passes – and it is in control of that territory already. In fact in 1962 China had made an offer that it will give up its … Read entire article »

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