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In the Name of Honour

In the Name of Honour

In one of the bestselling books ever, “How to Win Friends and Influence people“, Dale Carnegie talks about 12 ways of getting people around to your way of thinking. Method number 10 in this list is “Appeal to noble motives“. This is a method that Gen VK Singh seems to be attempting in the ongoing age controversy standoff with the government. The General has repeatedly made it clear that the whole issue is about his … Read entire article »

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Another Open Letter to COAS

Another Open Letter to COAS

Dear General, A lot of ink has flown since my last open letter to you of 1st July 2011. Some of it on papers passing through desks of MoD, some on the Public Interest Litigation submitted to Supreme Court, and a lot of it on national dailies and tabloids. The air waves are also agog with speculation and discussions on what your next action is going to be. Amidst all this, I take the liberty of … Read entire article »

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Individual Vs Institution

One pitfall of achieving high office is that you cease to be an individual. Like it or not, you become an institution. Every move you make, every action of yours is weighed and viewed accordingly. To quote Spiderman comics – “with great power comes great responsibility”.  History is not known to treat very kindly those who choose to exercise the power while failing to discharge the responsibility to the hilt. Unquestionably, that responsibility includes maintaining the sanctity and dignity of the office according the power. Undoubtedly, the correct date of birth of the Chief of Army Staff is the one being quoted by him in his Statutory Complaint. But let us look at other facts – as reported by the press. Firstly – the Chief’s year of birth as recorded in his … Read entire article »

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An open letter to the COAS

Dear General, As the head of an organization like the Indian Army, you represent many things to many people. To the serving officers and soldiers, you are a role model. To them, you stand for excellence of the highest order.  You withstood the vagaries of operations and peacetime soldiering successfully, with elan, to reach the pinnacle of the steep pyramid. In doing so, you outshone a few thousand officers who were commissioned around the same time as you. As their Chief and leader, they hang on to your every word. They do that because of the tremendous respect that your office enjoys. They also do that because your decisions virtually control the destiny of this million strong army. Your actions and words impact them professionally and personally. Since they were always taught … Read entire article »

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