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Scratched into the wall of a sentry box on the island of Gibraltar is an unsigned message from a soldier

God and the soldier all men adore,

in times of danger and not before.

When the danger is past and all things righted,

God is forgotten, and the soldier slighted.

The above is particularly true in our country, as the six decades since Independence have seen a steady decline in the overall standing of the soldier in general and the Genral in particular. His lot has deterriorated to an extent where the armed forces are no longer seen as an attractive career option in a country where unemployment is so high.

The reasons for this are internal as much as they are external. A combination of both has led to a double whammy where the fence is being eaten by the garden as well as the field. If, despite all the deprivations and indignities, the forces are continuing to deliver, is because of their strong fabric that has been woven over centuries of traditions and through sacrifices of thousands of brave martyrs.

But today this very fabric is under threat. Short sighted decision makers – politicians and bureaucrats – are causing irrepairable damage to the structures, either from lack of appreciation and understanding, or due to complete apathy about the possible long term consequences. To make matters worse, the senior military leadership has become mute spectators or worse, willing collaborators for petty personal interests.

The degree of trust and confidence for senior officers amongst middle level and junior officers is at an all time low today. Recent manifestations such as the controversy about AWWA are indicators. In fact, it is sheer providence that the tide of officers wanting to quit the service has been stemmed due to a combination of improved pay packages and the prevailing economic slowdown. However, this is a temporary stem, and the moment the economy is on the path to recovery, the floodgates are going to open again.

There is need for serious introspection by key stakeholders, and for that to happen, they must accept that problems exist in the first place. Problems can not be solved by remaining in a denial mode.

This blog is aimed at highlighting the ills that ail our magnificent forces today, with the intention of bringing the issues out in the open and generating discussion on them as a first step towards solving them. It is by no means the intention of this blog to berate any organisation or person, but merely to carry out a dispassionate diagnosis and suggest prescriptions. However, no punches will be pulled, and a spade will be referred to by its original nomenclature. In case the process hurts any sensibilities, or any toes are stepped on , tough luck.

This blog is not affiliated to any political party / grouping or aligned with any specific political ideology. Nor is it associated with any business interests. These are the personal views and outlook of the blogger, commentary on the happenings that affect us with a touch of humour.

It is NOT intended to ridicule, insult or hurt any person (s), group, party – anyone at all. In case any of the views are considered insulting for any reasons, please take it with a pinch of salt as they are not meant to be.

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  1. I do not understand how the Indian Air Force is still escaping all the scrutiny. I am a serving Fighter Pilot in the IAF, and I regretfully would like to inform you that matters are far worse here. Warming of chairs and passing ones tenure in the senior echelons is a norm as of now. As I become more and more senior in this organisation, I realize that we too are at the verge of collapse. Chasing task with complete disregard for the safety and welfare of the young pilots is now not only common but accepted “operational risk”. AFWAA and VIP visits are common and huge amounts of money are spent on the functions organised for these purposes. I hope someone realizes that we are suffering too, and corruption here means lives of our pilots and we can’t afford to let this continue.

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