Playing Neta Neta



Dear Rahul Gee,

I am sure you must be quite miffed with Salman uncle. What business does he have to try and force your hand (no, not the party symbol)? What does he mean by trying to imply that you need to take a more active role? Aren’t you doing enough already? What a party pooper.

We all saw your earnest efforts in the UP elections. So what if your party lost badly – at least you tried. And like they are going to say a million times in the upcoming London Olympics, which I am sure you will attend – its not winning or losing but playing the game that matters. And you are playing the game very well. You and your charmed circle of friends are playing ‘Neta Neta’ all the time. Go to dalit’s hut, go directly to dalit’s hut, do not pass Go do not collect 200.

What do these party poopers know about having all the authority without any accountability? Such fun, isn’t it? Getting all the credit when something good happens – people bending over backwards to hail the move to give lokpal a constitutional status (not that it has happened, despite your assurance) – and have scapegoats like Diggy uncle to only too eager to take the blame when something goes wrong, like the in the UP elections.

Of course, if you were to take up a more responsible position, then you would have to be accountable too. How can you then take off on secret jaunts at the drop of a hat? You will then be accountable to the people of India. No – sorry. Scratch that off. After all, hasn’t Maunmohan uncle survived in office for almost two terms without a shred of accountability? You must take lessons from him , if you aren’t doing it already, on how to shrug off all responsibility and accountability even while in office.

Till then, please carry on the good work. Rahul Gee tum khelte raho, hum tumhare sath hain.

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