What I would do if I were Kiran Bedi or Om Puri

Here is a excellent piece – not written by me, something I received on mail. But I do echo the sentiments. Details of the author / originator are given at the bottom.

Even though I have least interest in politics and social service, I somehow feel compelled to express what I am going to express below. If I were Om Puri or Kiran Bedi, I would have been so happy to be summoned for the breach of parliamentarians privileges. I would have made the following assertion while availing of the opportunity to defend my utterances.

Madam Speaker,

I have been called here to speak and explain why I said what I said about the members of this house. First of all I would like to thank you for having invited me to speak here and explain my position and thought process behind my utterances. In fact, I could not use the actual words that I intended to use to describe the special attributes of the members of this house. I actually wanted to call them chor, dacoit, gunda, badmash, lutera, byabhichari, ganda and ghrinit log  however I could not utter these words amongst the civilized members of the civil society. I do not feel any restriction in uttering these words here because in this community people feel more at home with these kinds of adjectives. I have my specific and definite reasons to think of these objectives when I think of the current day parliamentarians who are members of this house. When the founding fathers of the constitution drafted the provisions for the special privileges for the members of the central and state legislature,  they could not even imagine in their dreams that a day would come when members of this house would be in jail for being prime suspects in spectacular ghotalas while discharging their respective duties as the honourable ministers of the govt. of India or chairman of high powered committees. They could not perceive that a supposedly learned lawyer, (at least that is what he claims to be) in his role of a minister of govt of India would defend his predecessor saying that there was absolutely no ghotala in the deeds of his predecessor even while the predecessor would continue to be in jail and the CBI would be trying its best to get him pronounced guilty and convicted. The founding fathers could not imagine that a member of this house despite knowing the actual expenses that is incurred on running this house at the expenses of the tax payers of this country would take the debate in the house to such low levels that it might look like a platform of standing comedians rather than a platform for serious debate on issues of national interest. They could not imagine that a joker would some day say in the parliament “duniya mein aaye hain to kuchh kaam kijiye, janta/chanda ke paise se jalpan kijiye” and the members present in the house would encourage him in his act of comedy by thumping their desk.

I am sorry if I have hurt the feelings of people like Pranab Mukherjee or Sushma Swaraj however I would be a hypocrite if I call the people like Lalu Yadav, Kalmadi, Sheila, A Raja, Kanimojhi, Pappu Yadav, Mulayam Singh, Amar singh, Shibu Soren and many others honourable members. They are of course members of this house however I definitely do not consider them as honourable. These people are thieves and dacoits and people like Kapil Sibal are the idiots who are partners of these people in crime. People like these may have obtained the piece of papers from universities tiled degrees and certificates however these pieces of papers do not make them educated. They remain uneducated despite being in possession of these kind of pieces of paper. People like Manish Tiwari remain nothing more than the graduates of Thooke Chate classes irrespective of how highly educated they may claim to be. The lady who runs the govt with a remote has gone to some remote place and the country is not aware of where she is in the name of privacy. The people whom she represent have a right to know where their representative is which has been shamelessly denied by the largest party in this house in the name of privacy. If privacy is so important to these people, they should have refrained from entering the public life.   I firmly believe that calling these people “ganwaar” is no exaggeration. I, of course, apologise to the village people if they feel hurt by being equated with the members of legislature. The general value system of the people from our villages is so high and ideal that despite the presence of people like the members in the most of the legislature, India continues to be identified with its moral and ethical character.

I sincerely feel that such lot of parliamentarians need to be called many more names than whatever I have called them in public and therefore I am grateful to you madam speaker for having given me the opportunity to clearly express what I think of the majority lot of the members in this house and for that matter members in most other legislature in the country. I have been granted the freedom of expression to express honestly what I think of these so called people’s representative and would be happy to bear the consequences. You may have the brute power to force my body to be confined within the four walls of jails  or you may even hang me to death however you can not suppress my spirit which feels that most of the members in this house enter the electoral arena only to fill their own pockets and have never ever been interested in any actual public or social service or statesmanship. I strongly feel that most of the people in this country echo my feelings. In case you do not agree with this belief then the only way to ascertain the truth would be to carry out a national survey asking the people of India whether they actually consider the majority of the members of this parliament  chor or not. I am absolutely certain that majority of the respondent of this survey, if it is ever commissioned and carried out, would say that most of the members of this house are chor. I, hereby, give an undertaking that I would be happy to serve a life term in prison  if the outcome of any of this  kind of survey would happens to be different than what I have predicted.

In such a scenario, I feel I have uttered what most of the Indians think of the majority of the current day members of parliament and therefore I assert that I have not committed any crime. I would be happy to bear the consequences of my utterances if the parliament of this country stoops down to such a level that it is not ready to hear and bear the actual perception in the minds of the people of this country about what they think of its members.

I request that this be circulated so that it reaches the parliamentarians and they bring a privilege motion against me as well. I would like to add that I am not a patriot as I believe that any artificial distinction between the human beings in the name of religion, caste, language, country or any other man made attribute which makes them feel that they belong to a particular and specific group is perpetrated by the vested interests in the general language and ignorant idiots in my own understanding. I have been taught since my infancy that I am an Indian and therefore I am not a Pakistani or Chinese or Bangladeshi or American. I have been taught that I as an Indian is different than being a Pakistani and since we are different my values as an Indian is better than the values of  a Pakistani, Chinese or American. Since all the different groups with specific identity consider themselves better than the rest others, this leads to a conflict between Indians and Pakistani or hindus and muslims or speakers of Hindi and Tamil or black and white. This concept of “I am I and you are you and therefore I and you are different and since we are different I am better than you” is the root cause of all the evil encountered by the humanity in its true spiritual development and in this sense I am not able to call myself a patriot because I can not hate my brother from across an artificial and imaginary line drawn on the surface of mother earth. I am not able to identify myself with any particular caste or religion in the way I have been taught about these concepts since my childhood and yet I would like to call myself a religious person and a Brahmin. As per my definition, a Brahmin is the one who has awakened to the absolute truth and as per this definition Kabir, Raidas, Nanak, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Socrates, Gurdjieff, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Ved Vyas, Patanjali, Osho, Krishnamurti, Raman, Telang Swami   are all Brahmins and so I am I and many others. When I call myself religious, I do not mean to say that I am “Hindu” in the sense the word is being used by the politicians these days. Being hindu for me does not mean being the one who goes to a temple and worships idols or listens to Ram Katha or Shrimad Bhagwat or Geeta . For me the word hindu means the religious way of life that has evolved since the Indus valley civilization and which has been clearly visible in the way of life practiced by Buddha, Mahavir, Kabir, Nanak, Mother Teresa, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, Nizamuddin Auliya and many others who have carried their body in this part of the globe.


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