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FOE- Who Will Guard The Guardians?

With volumes having been spoken about Freedom of Expression in the past few days, its difficult to write about it without a wee bit of apprehension. Has everything that’s to be said on the subject already been said? Why bother adding to the terabytes of characters jostling for cyberspace propagating different points of view on the subject. But then, a few more kilobytes won’t make a difference, and at least I would get to exercise my own FOE. Will attempt to do so without going into the issues already discussed threadbare, but restricting it to personal experience over the past few days.I will start with the conclusion I have drawn first, and then go on to explain how and why I arrived at it. And that is – people who … Read entire article »

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No Man Left Behind

Disaster struck an Indian Army post at 19,350 feet on the icy heights of the Siachen glacier on 3rd February 2016 in the form of an avalanche, burying the ten soldiers manning it under 35 feet of snow. The nation took but a few hours to assume the worst, and social media was abuzz offering homage to the ten ‘dead’ martyrs. This included the Prime Minister and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, both of who tweeted their condolences. Yet there was a band of brave warriors from the Madras battalion the trapped soldiers belonged to who doggedly refused to give up. The weather continued to be bad, with blizzards adding to the already inhospitable environment. Postponing the search operation till the weather improved didn’t even occur to them. They would … Read entire article »

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