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Secularism and the Army

Secular credentials of the Indian Army have been established beyond doubt in the 68 years since independence. An indicator is that in any communal riot, the arrival of the army immediately instills confidence amongst all parties to the dispute irrespective of their denomination. Whether it was 1984, 1992 or 2002, it was the deployment of the army that brought a swift end to communal riots. To truly understand the nature of secularism in the army, one has only to visit a unit celebrating any festival. All ranks, irrespective of religion, partake equally in the celebrations. Therefore, to anyone who is familiar with the ethos of the Army, the recent article in press “Maulvi in Army censured for saying Jai Hind” sounds obviously discordant. To understand the probable cause and effect … Read entire article »

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The Missing Tank

The intriguing tale of a train that went missing for 17 days reminded me of a similar mystery involving a tank that went missing many years ago at the Armoured Corps Centre and School, Ahmadnagar. The incident was narrated to me by the officer who was one of the dramatis personae. The narrator was posted to the Automotive Regiment as Technical Officer, responsible for maintenance of the 300 odd tanks on charge of the Regiment, and detailing them for various training events. A few days after he had taken over the appointment, his Technical JCO reported that one of the tanks on their charge was ‘missing’. Thinking his ears were playing tricks, he asked the JCO to repeat himself, but there was no mistake. The JCO had made all possible … Read entire article »

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