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My Dream Road Trip

The first thing that greeted me as I woke up groggily was the intense glare of the midday sun in my eyes. I sat up, a little confused, because I was used to waking up to the sight of a white ceiling, and my disoriented mind grasped feebly for an explanation for the burning light. It could find none. I looked around. I was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car. This was definitely not my room. I looked out of my window, to see a barren desert landscape, with no greenery except for the odd little shrub here and there. This was strange, I seemed to be in an arid part of the world, and even though my sense of sight confirmed that, my sense of smell begged to … Read entire article »

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Do you REALLY ‘Like’ me?

Politicians in India have discovered social media with a vengeance. After the runaway success of the initial forays of a few, and abject failure of others to control free expression, the political herd is now aspiring to graze on the green pastures of facebook and twitter. Latest to hit the news is Ashok Gehlot, the Congress Chief Minister of Rajasthan – though not for the right reasons. He has apparently gained sudden popularity on facebook, attracting over one lakh followers in one month. The bad news is that he has more followers in Istanbul than in Jaipur. One had heard of politicians buying votes, but spending money to receive virtual ‘likes’ from people who are not even part of the electorate doesn’t indicate political acumen, or even common sense. Actually, … Read entire article »

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