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Gitanjali AF Version

My dear friends, AF version of the original gitanjali has been penned by me as an outburst of the events occurring in the Armed Forces. I hope, it stimulates the peace loving mind to achieve ……………  The original Gitanjali by Tagore is appended below. GITANJALI – AF version —————————————– Head Without Tear Where the action is without tear and the salute is held high; Where leadership is a tree; Where the forces has not been broken up Into fragments by narrow regimented walls; Where orders come out from the depth of experience; Where tireless training stretches its arms towards dedication; Where the clear stream of capability has not lost its way in the mandatory courses of staff duties and appointments; Where the action is led forward by thee into ever-increasing honour — Into that ARMY of pride, my chief, let my forces live. ———————————————————————————— Heart Without Fear Where … Read entire article »

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What I would do if I were Kiran Bedi or Om Puri

Here is a excellent piece – not written by me, something I received on mail. But I do echo the sentiments. Details of the author / originator are given at the bottom. Even though I have least interest in politics and social service, I somehow feel compelled to express what I am going to express below. If I were Om Puri or Kiran Bedi, I would have been so happy to be summoned for the breach of parliamentarians privileges. I would have made the following assertion while availing of the opportunity to defend my utterances. Madam Speaker, I have been called here to speak and explain why I said what I said about the members of this house. First of all I would like to thank you for having invited me to speak … Read entire article »

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