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  “I have visited nineteen countries in my career of two decades. Do you know that your Navy is interoperable with over twenty six other navies?” The dashing naval Commander from the visiting naval training squadron was not trying to impress the communications staff officer of India’s first Joint Services operational theatre Command headquarters. He was merely stating a fact to the recently posted officer to drive home the strategic nature of his service, the Indian Navy. For the next four years, the officer wished that Indian Navy were as interoperable with Indian Army and Indian Air Force as it was with the rest of the world. The conversation had occurred in July of 2004 and in December the Andaman & Nicobar Islands were struck by an unheard of earthquake intensity … Read entire article »

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Judging by the calls I get from telemarketers, the faceless machinery behind such pesky calls has access to a lot of information about me. Most of them address me by name, and are also aware of which credit cards I hold, who I bank with, where I shop and so on. The aforementioned faceless machinery is obviously working for a profit motive, hoping to sell their products and services by making a cold call to someone less irritable than me. And the information is available to them at a price, facilitated by automation of almost all functions that come into play into my dealings with the world around me. Cut to today’s news – Natgrid or National Intelligence Grid (NIG) is gridlocked in inter-ministerial turf battles. Envisaged as a centralized data … Read entire article »

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Brand Army

Brand Army

“Capt Avinash Rathod, ek soldier ke nazar kabhi neechi nahi honi chahiye” (roughly translated – a soldier must never look down) – says the lissome model in the latest Airtel ad on TV. The ad is well made, and effectively showcases the possibilities of the 3G network in bringing people together like never before. But what it is indirectly doing is riding on one of the strongest, most recognizable, but also most under-leveraged brand in … Read entire article »

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The Last Cavalier

The Last Cavalier

Cavalry has traditionally been associated with dash, elan, valour and romance. Whether is was ancient India, or medieval Europe – the mounted cavalryman considered himself elite. The reasons for this may have been manifold, but the most obvious ones are two. Firstly, owning and maintaining a war horse was costly to say the least. Therefore it was only people with adequate means – i.e. the aristocracy, nobility, landed gentry – ventured to join the cavalry. … Read entire article »

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