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A Matter of Honour

A Matter of Honour

It’s been the refuge of demagogues down ages. Confound, confuse, silence critics by changing the frame of reference of the issue. We are at the receiving end of this right now. “Keep quiet!”, we are told. “Don’t raise a stink, don’t get taken in by the sensation hungry media’s hyperbole. Things are not quite all that bad, it’s just that our standards are a tad lower.” And of course, the ultimate exhortation – the nation’s … Read entire article »

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Let the tigers roar

Image by law_keven via Flickr Late Gen BC Joshi was undoubtedly one of the most visionary chief Indian Army has had. The Rashtriya Rifles, residential Army Public Schools and Professional Institutes for the wards of servicemen are some of the outcomes of his vision. Amongst the policy guidelines promulgated by him on assuming office as the chief was the one on the status of Commanding Officers. Here was one general who realized the pivotal role played by the COs within the organisational framework of the Army. He therefore mandated that they be enabled, empowered and accorded the status due to them as Commanding Officers. A small but very visible indicator of this was that the signs that used to read “Flag Cars Only” were amended across the army to say “Flag … Read entire article »

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