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Managing Bosses Then and Now

Image via Wikipedia After Yudhisthira lost his kingdom to his cousins the Kauravas in a game of dice, the Pandavas were required to spend twelve years in exile, followed by one year in hiding incognito. The stipulation was that in case their identities were revealed during this one year, they would have to go into exile all over again. The Pandavas decided to spend this year in the service of King Virata of Matasya, in different disguises. Yudhisthira would become a courtier giving sage advice to the king as a sanyasi; Bhim would indulge in his passion for food by taking the job of a cook; Arjun would live out a year as a eunuch serving the ladies of the court, thereby also simultaneously undergoing the curse of a year of … Read entire article »

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