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Bara Khana Limerick

Cribbing is a part of everyday life in every organization – a healthy way for people to let off steam. It often prevents pent up emotions from being vented in a more dangerous or harmful manner. We have all grown up in service listening to humorous satirical ditties, songs and skits by Jawans at Bara Khanas. In one’s experience, these have been good natured attempts at pulling the legs of officers and JCOs. They are tongue in cheek efforts to put across a point, request or complaint that can’t probably be raised in more formal fora like the Sainik Sammelan. They are generally witty, very entertaining and full of earthy humour – and they rarely miss the point. One expected something similar when a file titled Barakhana_Limerick landed as an email … Read entire article »

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Ignroance with Arrogance

Ignroance with Arrogance

The Army has been having a series of close encounters of the adverse kind with the Comptroller and Auditor General. Latest in this long list is CAG’s castigation of “illegal use of defence assets in Pune”. Recently the CAG overcame strong objections by the Army and got its way in a long standing demand of auditing Unit Run Canteens (URCs), alleging widespread mismanagement of its funds. A related case, though an audit report by Controller … Read entire article »

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Pull of the Lanyard

Pull of the Lanyard

The Regimental system is one of the cornerstones of the Indian Army. Regimental spirit is the glue that binds fighting arms together in a unique bond of loyalty, camaraderie and selfless service. The spirit transcends decades, seniority and other barriers to bring all ranks of a regiment together, professionally and personally. In war and under adverse situations of all kinds, it is the thought of keeping the flag of the regiment flying high – “paltan … Read entire article »

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The Canteen Brouhaha

The Comptroller and Auditor General recently carried out the ‘Performance Audits’ of Canteen Stores Department and of the Supply Chain Management of Ration Supplies in the Army. Incidentally, these are two separate audits, and DO NOT relate to “Irregularity in Supply of rations through CSD” as most of the newspapers are erroneously reporting. The audit reports in question have been in news because they have led to the summoning of the Service Chiefs by the Parliamentary Accounts Committee – something unprecedented, as per the same news reports. The newspapers are very sketchy about the actual findings / recommendations of the reports – those interested in reading more about them can access them HERE (Rations) and HERE (CSD) . While the aspect of irregularities in supply of rations brooks no argument – … Read entire article »

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Why can’t we make our schools better?

Going through a survey of the best schools in Delhi printed in a leading national daily, I am sad, disappointed – but not really surprised. The said mix of emotions arises from the absence of my own alma mater, the Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, from even the ‘special mentions’ amongst the schools adjudged as the top sixty or so in the city by the newspaper. The sadness and disappointment is twofold, since it is my own old school, and is run by the organization I served in for twenty years. But the lack of surprise is because I am already aware of the current standards and reputation of the school thanks to the enquiries I made when I got posted into Delhi and wanted to get my children admitted … Read entire article »

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