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The Great Indian Dream

The Great Indian Dream

It’s that time of the year when dreams of a few thousand are realized. And those of a few hundred thousand shattered. Declaration of results – from the Class XII boards to competitive exams like IIT-JEE and CPMT invariably throws up two types of stories in newspapers. First are the exhilarating success stories of toppers – images of garlanded youngsters being fed sweets by beaming parents. The second are heart rending tales of suicides by … Read entire article »

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Why can’t we make our schools better?

Going through a survey of the best schools in Delhi printed in a leading national daily, I am sad, disappointed – but not really surprised. The said mix of emotions arises from the absence of my own alma mater, the Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, from even the ‘special mentions’ amongst the schools adjudged as the top sixty or so in the city by the newspaper. The sadness and disappointment is twofold, since it is my own old school, and is run by the organization I served in for twenty years. But the lack of surprise is because I am already aware of the current standards and reputation of the school thanks to the enquiries I made when I got posted into Delhi and wanted to get my children admitted … Read entire article »

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