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Send in the Army

Send in the Army

Narendra Modi government’s bold move to demonetize high denomination notes in circulation and replacing them with new ones has by and large been welcomed by the people. With the exception of opposition parties, who are criticising it, trying hard to find flaws with the scheme. This is, of course, more out of political expediency, and probably pique at having suddenly lost a lot of political capital – both literally and figuratively. For the past three … Read entire article »

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Swordtoons – Incurable Disease – and more

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Fix the broken windows – letter to Justice Verma

Below is the text of my mail to Justice Verma in response to invitation for suggestions towards the commission headed by him Respected Justice Verma,  I write to offers some suggestions towards the changes needed for avoiding incidents like the gruesome gang rape in Delhi recently.  While there has been a popular outcry for amending the laws to cater for a more severe punishment for rapists, that may not be the solution, at least not in isolation. The issue of safety of women needs to be viewed in the perspective of the overall issue of improving the rule of law – as the former will automatically follow the latter. This needs to be tackled in a three pronged manner:-  ·         Enforcing existing laws. ·         Swiftly dealing with infringements. ·         Updating  laws and improving legal process. Enforcing Existing … Read entire article »

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Vox Populi

Vox Populi

The lack of any credible response from all political parties to the recent spontaneous protests against the gang rape in Delhi is not surprising. In the last 65 years our democracy has transformed into an elitocracy. Those who like to call themselves leaders have actually lost touch with those they profess to lead. To them, people are at best an unavoidable nuisance to be tolerated for the sake of garnering votes every five years. They … Read entire article »

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Muzzling the Mango

Muzzling the Mango

Six and a half decades since we got our independence. For all intents and purposes, we are citizens of an independent democratic country whose constitution guarantees freedom of speech.  But when the first son-in-law of the country calls it a ‘Banana Republic’, he definitely is speaking with the authority of an insider. And the grand old party which constitutes his sasural is hell bent on proving him right. Consider the following:- As per Google’s transparency report, … Read entire article »

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Mediocrity Rules

Mediocrity Rules

Now we Indians have yet another dubious distinction. We can boast of the largest ever power blackout in human history. Ironically, this took place at the time when one of the greatest festivals of human endeavour, the Olympics are on in another part of the world. In the games we, a nation of 1.2 billion have managed only a fraction of the medals won by even a tiny country like South Korea. Whether it is … Read entire article »

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The Importance of Being Anna

Watching Anna’s agitation from the comfort of my living room I got the impression that it was a damp squib this time around. As per the news, the crowd was extremely thin, and the zing was missing. Breathless anchors on channel after channel prophesied the lingering death of the Jan Lokpal movement. Various reasons were ascribed to this, from people being disillusioned with team Anna not being above board themselves, to ‘agitational fatigue’. Print media was also quick to dismiss the latest episode of the agitation. As per one columnist, Team Anna has been ‘knocked off the pedestal’ that people had put them on. But then I went over to Jantar Mantar to take a look for myself. I found the story completely different. The crowds are very much there. Ordinary … Read entire article »

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What I would do if I were Kiran Bedi or Om Puri

Here is a excellent piece – not written by me, something I received on mail. But I do echo the sentiments. Details of the author / originator are given at the bottom. Even though I have least interest in politics and social service, I somehow feel compelled to express what I am going to express below. If I were Om Puri or Kiran Bedi, I would have been so happy to be summoned for the breach of parliamentarians privileges. I would have made the following assertion while availing of the opportunity to defend my utterances. Madam Speaker, I have been called here to speak and explain why I said what I said about the members of this house. First of all I would like to thank you for having invited me to speak … Read entire article »

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Of scoundrels and parliamentary democracy

Of scoundrels and parliamentary democracy

While many opine there is little difference between politicians and scoundrels, if patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel, then ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ seems to be the last resort of a section of politicians today. Anna Hazare’s movement for the Lokpal Bill and Baba Ramdev’s agitation against corruption are being rued by a section of the politicians as threats to this last resort. An overwhelming mass of citizens – the raison de etre of democracy, … Read entire article »

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Judging by the calls I get from telemarketers, the faceless machinery behind such pesky calls has access to a lot of information about me. Most of them address me by name, and are also aware of which credit cards I hold, who I bank with, where I shop and so on. The aforementioned faceless machinery is obviously working for a profit motive, hoping to sell their products and services by making a cold call to someone less irritable than me. And the information is available to them at a price, facilitated by automation of almost all functions that come into play into my dealings with the world around me. Cut to today’s news – Natgrid or National Intelligence Grid (NIG) is gridlocked in inter-ministerial turf battles. Envisaged as a centralized data … Read entire article »

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