Uniformly Crazy

Growing malaise of the misuse of articles of uniform by veterans while appearing on television and public functions needs to be curbed – by peer pressure, or else by enforcing regulations on the issue.

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Jodo, not Todo

Congress scion Rahul Gandhi is about to complete yet another attempt to revive his flagging political fortunes in the form a a countrywide march. As per its official website – “The aim of this Yatra is to unite India; to come together and strengthen our nation…. to raise their voice against the economic, social and…

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Gen Thimayya’s Resignation – Statement by Pt Nehru in Parliament and debate – 02 Sep 1959

In Aug 1959, Gen Thimayya submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister. There was a furore in the papers and in parliament, with questions being raised about the reasons behind it. Nehru gave a statement in parliament about the resignation. Here is the full text of his statement and the limited debate that followed.

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Indo-Nepal Border Dispute – An Explainer

An explainer on the Indo-Nepal border dispute, based on articles /open source inputs. Received from a friend on social media Historical Background ·         Anglo-Nepal Treaty of Sugauli of 1816. The treaty determines the Kali river as the western boundary between British India and Nepal. Nepal has produced an East India Company map from the archives to…

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Crisis of Confidence

The crisis of command between the COAS and the environment is alarming, and needs to be resolved at the earliest.

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Nanda Sahib

      As teachers go, he was unusual. A short, bulky Khalsa with the customary bushy beard, with eyebrows to match, Naib Risaldar Gulzar Singh was my D&M (Driving and Maintenance) instructor when I joined the Regiment back in 1990. He was universally known as Nanda Sahib, although that wasn’t his actual name. Apparently when…

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Rupnagar “Treaty” of 1831 – The Meeting Between Maharaja Ranjeet Singh and Lord Bentinck

In October 1831, the small town of Rupnagar (Ropar) on the banks of Sutlej witnessed a historic meeting between Maharaja Ranjeet Singh and Lord William Bentnick, the Governor General of Indian territory under the East India Company. Over eight days of festivities, military reviews, entertainment and feasting, each side tried to outdo the other in show…

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Military History

Battle Box – story of a bunker

Fort Canning Hill or Bukit Larangan (Forbidden Hill), as it was originally know, dominated the landscape of the island for centuries before being dwarfed by the tall structures of the concrete jungle that Singapore is today. Soldiers and rulers have always had a fixation with heights – for purposes of tactical and psychological domination. Hence, this…

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CQMH Abdul Hamid – the Hero of Asal Uttar

As the COAS visits the village of CQMH Abdul Hamid, PVC, on the 52nd anniversary of his epic anti-tank battle, here is an extract from my book “Brave Men of War” about the hero of Asal Uttar.

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Aam Aadmi Khaas Baat

Latest in the series of embarrassing revelations about the ostentatious lifestyle that Aam Aadmi Party leaders, and in particular their supremo Arvind Kejriwal seem to leading, is a set of bills for catering at his official residence. Raised by The Delhi Tourism and Tpt Development Corporation, they are for meals provided by Taj Mahal Hotel…

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The PM’s Speech

I gaped at the screen in horror. The prime minister was addressing the nation – an unscheduled talk announced just 30 miutes back. It was ten minutes into the speech and my despair grew with every word he uttered. On the screen, he adjusted the mics and hiked his sleeves for the nth time, shuffled…

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Aam Aadmi

Breaking the Neo-Caste Barrier

An interesting, and for most of us, encouraging, phenomenon is visible in India today. It is the brick by brick dismantling of the neo-caste system in our society. Of course, the caste system per se was abolished by our constitution shortly after independence, yet the same independence slowly engendered this other, equally insidious neo-caste system…

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