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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Diesel Smoke

The unique bond between a man and his steed is as old as time itself. More accurately, it goes back to the time when man first domesticated animals and, in addition to new source of food, found a better way to move around than walking. Very soon he realized that fighting from the back of

The Missing Tank

The intriguing tale of a train that went missing for 17 days reminded me of a similar mystery involving a tank that went missing many years ago at the Armoured Corps Centre and School, Ahmadnagar. The incident was narrated to me by the officer who was one of the dramatis personae. The narrator was posted

An Ode to Black Dungarees

It was an incongruous sight to see the diminutive figure of the President and Supreme Commander of Indian Armed Forces, mounted on a T 90 tank wearing Black Dungarees, during her recent visit to Exercise Sudarshan Shakti. The Army Chief, sitting next to her, was similarly attired. The incongruity was not in the figures themselves,