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Close Encounters

Close Encounters

  The trouble with opposition generated and media sustained hype about anything that could be used to embarrass the government is manifold. First, there seems to be no issue too serious, no institution too sacrosanct to avoid politicisation and sensationalizing. We recently witnessed major opposition parties casting serious aspersions on the credibility of the army by asking the government to furnish proof of the operations that the DGMO briefed media about. One regional leader of the … Read entire article »

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Fix the broken windows – letter to Justice Verma

Below is the text of my mail to Justice Verma in response to invitation for suggestions towards the commission headed by him Respected Justice Verma,  I write to offers some suggestions towards the changes needed for avoiding incidents like the gruesome gang rape in Delhi recently.  While there has been a popular outcry for amending the laws to cater for a more severe punishment for rapists, that may not be the solution, at least not in isolation. The issue of safety of women needs to be viewed in the perspective of the overall issue of improving the rule of law – as the former will automatically follow the latter. This needs to be tackled in a three pronged manner:-  ·         Enforcing existing laws. ·         Swiftly dealing with infringements. ·         Updating  laws and improving legal process. Enforcing Existing … Read entire article »

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