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Me Too

Me Too

There is a reason why our country, like others, maintains Para Military Forces (PMF) in addition to a standing army. The rationale is to have a lower cost force not required to be manned, trained and equipped with the same exacting standards as the armed forces, primarily for peace time border protection and internal security duties. Hence their entry standards for recruitment are not as stringent as the armed forces. The necessity of keeping such … Read entire article »

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OROP – Constitutionally Speaking (A guest post by Akshat Agarwal)

Guest post by Akshat Agarwal, a budding lawyer In light of the recent controversy over the issue of One Rank One Pension (OROP), it may be pertinent to turn for guidance to the supreme law of the land, the Constitution of India. This document, drafted over thousands of hours of deliberation and discussion, provides the blueprint according to which the government of India is supposed to run the country. As such, the constitution lays down certain principles as inalienable and intrinsic to the very nature of India as envisioned by its writers, as well as by the millions of Indians they represented. One of the most important philosophical foundations of our state and it’s polity is the idea of equality. In a country recently ravaged by colonialism, marked by racial discrimination and … Read entire article »

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