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Aam Aadmi ko gussa kyon aata hai?

Amidst our obsession with the gladiatorial standoff between the prime-ministerial hopefuls of the two leading political parties in India, the events in Bulgaria last month went largely unnoticed in the country. They did not even catch the fancy of the more eclectic twitterati, let alone mainstream media. That’s quite a pity, because they could serve as food for thought for the political class in India, on either side of the political divide.  That is, if their thoughts ever feel hunger pangs. The people of Bulgaria, fed up of a weak, corrupt and apathetic government, took to the streets to demand the Prime Minister’s resignation.  Seven weeks of continuous protests failed to move the government, the PM refusing to resign. Frustrated and exasperated, thousands of protestors surrounded the parliament, with a sizeable … Read entire article »

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Sab theek hai sahib

Sab theek hai sahib

The Indian soldier, or Jawan as he is affectionately called, is known for not cribbing under the most adverse circumstances. If you ask your driver who has been waiting well past his lunch time for you to emerge from a long conference in the formation headquarters, “Khana Khaya?”, he is sure to say “Haan Sahib”. Of course, when you question him closely he might confess that he hasn’t. But he will also hasten to assure … Read entire article »

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What next common man?

What next common man?

It was a little ironic that the poster boy for the parliamentarians during the Lok Sabha debate on the Lokpal Bill was none other than Lallu Prasad Yadav. MPs cutting across party lines were probably nodding in agreement silently and internally when he spoke of the noose tightening around their necks. Fine role model of probity in public life speaking on a bill that aims at tackling corruption, Mr Lallu lost his Chief Ministership of … Read entire article »

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What I would do if I were Kiran Bedi or Om Puri

Here is a excellent piece – not written by me, something I received on mail. But I do echo the sentiments. Details of the author / originator are given at the bottom. Even though I have least interest in politics and social service, I somehow feel compelled to express what I am going to express below. If I were Om Puri or Kiran Bedi, I would have been so happy to be summoned for the breach of parliamentarians privileges. I would have made the following assertion while availing of the opportunity to defend my utterances. Madam Speaker, I have been called here to speak and explain why I said what I said about the members of this house. First of all I would like to thank you for having invited me to speak … Read entire article »

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Of scoundrels and parliamentary democracy

Of scoundrels and parliamentary democracy

While many opine there is little difference between politicians and scoundrels, if patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel, then ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ seems to be the last resort of a section of politicians today. Anna Hazare’s movement for the Lokpal Bill and Baba Ramdev’s agitation against corruption are being rued by a section of the politicians as threats to this last resort. An overwhelming mass of citizens – the raison de etre of democracy, … Read entire article »

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