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Bara Khana Limerick

Cribbing is a part of everyday life in every organization – a healthy way for people to let off steam. It often prevents pent up emotions from being vented in a more dangerous or harmful manner. We have all grown up in service listening to humorous satirical ditties, songs and skits by Jawans at Bara Khanas. In one’s experience, these have been good natured attempts at pulling the legs of officers and JCOs. They are tongue in cheek efforts to put across a point, request or complaint that can’t probably be raised in more formal fora like the Sainik Sammelan. They are generally witty, very entertaining and full of earthy humour – and they rarely miss the point. One expected something similar when a file titled Barakhana_Limerick landed as an email … Read entire article »

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Morale of the story

Morale of the story

Just like honour, morale is a word that has been bandied about a lot in the recent past. Specially in context of the age row that has been dominating the front pages and prime time slots for an unbearably long time. It even prompted a leading national daily to commission a survey to gauge whether the morale of the armed forces has actually been impacted by the shenanigans of the very people charged with preserving … Read entire article »

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