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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Who’s Tweeting What – Modi Vs Kejriwal

Having followed both @narendramodi and @arvindkejriwal on twitter for a while, I noticed a distinct pattern to the way they each tweet. To confirm my impressions, I did a detailed analysis of their tweets over a period of the past 50 days (1 Apr to 20 May 2016) and tried to broadly group them into

A Modi voter replies

Dear Aakar Patel, I am a Modi voter, and I will try and answer some of the questions you put to me yesterday (A few questions for the Modi voter). First a little bit about myself, just to clear your apparent misconceptions about who I am. I am one of the 167.5 million Indians who

Elections : A Case Study

Disclaimer – The situation and characters in this case study are entirely fictional and resemblance, if any, to any individuals or organizations is purely coincidental. The company in which you are a shareholder has been having a poor run in the past few years. What had seemed to be a money spinner with promising growth

Do you REALLY ‘Like’ me?

Politicians in India have discovered social media with a vengeance. After the runaway success of the initial forays of a few, and abject failure of others to control free expression, the political herd is now aspiring to graze on the green pastures of facebook and twitter. Latest to hit the news is Ashok Gehlot, the