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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Gen VK Singh

The Spooking of Raisina Hill

Such is the strong apolitical image and impeccable reputation of the Indian Army that even the thought of a military coup in the country seems ludicrous. So when Indian Express broke the story about two Army units closing in towards the capital on a dark, cold January night, it never suggested the C word. It

Every way you look at it you lose

No matter who is right – Gen VK Singh that he is being targeted as a political vendetta, or the army that he had used an intelligence unit to carry out unauthorized activities – it is the Army as an organization that is the loser.

Age Row – Some Facts

Going by the round and round arguments about Gen VK Singh’s age row, it seems people have not gone beyond the sound bytes and headlines to understand the real issue involved. The issue in question was NOT the actual year of the General’s birth. The government, the court, everyone has clearly accepted his word that