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Mere paas Maa hai

Mere paas Maa hai

          Since Rahul Gandhi is approximately the same age as me, it would be safe to guess that he watched the same movies that I did in early childhood. The staple Bollywood fare of the 70s, which had a recurring central theme – rich versus the poor. There would be variations of course. It could be the poor mill workers pitted against the unscrupulous tyrant of a mill owner, who often had a side business of … Read entire article »

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Actions speak louder than words

Dear Rahul Gee, You say, “I am ready to give it in writing that I’ll change the face of the state if you vote the Congress to power. I want to see it as the most developed state,” Wonderful sentiment. and great commitment. But the question that rises in my mind is – why wait for UP to elect your party to power? Your party already have state governments independently and in coalition in many states. Why not let your actions speak louder than words and showcase how these states have performed vis a vis states ruled by other parties? Won’t that sound more convincing – concrete proof of proven track record, rather than dreamy rosy promises of the future? Actually, and unfortunately, the track record is not so encouraging. As per the … Read entire article »

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