A slap in the face – or elsewhere?

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Dear Rahul Gee,

Please do convey my concern to Sharad Gee. Hope it didn’t hurt himĀ  too much – on the face.But I do hope it did cause some sensation, if not hurt, elsewhere – say in the conscience – to him, and also to lots of others.

You know what should concern you Rahul Gee? Not the reckless madcap action by one passionate, possibly misguided person. What should concern you is the general reaction – the fact that the common man backs Harvinder for slapping Pawar, wants it repeated. The spontaneous reaction of the common man is an indicator of his (or that of the common woman of her) extreme dissatisfaction and anger with the state of affairs. Here is one of the comments by one such common person –

This is NOT an attack on Mr.Pawar but a slap on the Govt which has been testing the patience of common man for quite a long time.Mr.Pawar has not been able to deliver the goods properly..look at the SC ‘s comments on food grains,deaths of farmers even in his own state etc.Still no solutions have been found for the farmers’ deaths.Why does Dr.MMS is still keeping him as agri Minister..for his Govt to survive? Though not justifying this incident,Indian common is better when compared to people of some west asian countries. So this incidence is only beginning for Govt to wake up. Will it wake up?

Just before the political brethren of other political dispensations start rubbing their hands together and planning political mileage, here is another reaction that should make them pause and ponder –

GOOD JOB, HARVINDER, JUST REPEAT IT.. Slap another rat & cat.. Gulam,Lalu & Sonia..Hindusthan is with U…

It is also a slap in the face of the combined opposition – left and right. The common person has obviously little faith in your yatras, morchas and bandhs.

Rahul Gee, is it time to call an all party meet?

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