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Monday, August 20, 2018


Bara Khana Limerick

Cribbing is a part of everyday life in every organization – a healthy way for people to let off steam. It often prevents pent up emotions from being vented in a more dangerous or harmful manner. We have all grown up in service listening to humorous satirical ditties, songs and skits by Jawans at Bara

Ignroance with Arrogance

The Army has been having a series of close encounters of the adverse kind with the Comptroller and Auditor General. Latest in this long list is CAG’s castigation of “illegal use of defence assets in Pune”. Recently the CAG overcame strong objections by the Army and got its way in a long standing demand of

Pull of the lanyard

Pull of the Lanyard

Regimental spirit wins wars. But does it have any rôle to play in deciding who reaps benefits and privileges?

The Canteen Brouhaha

The Comptroller and Auditor General recently carried out the ‘Performance Audits’ of Canteen Stores Department and of the Supply Chain Management of Ration Supplies in the Army. Incidentally, these are two separate audits, and DO NOT relate to “Irregularity in Supply of rations through CSD” as most of the newspapers are erroneously reporting. The audit

Why can’t we make our schools better?

Providing the next generation the best possible education is the best welfare an organisation can do. Can the standards of the schools being run by the army be made at par with the best schools in the country? Why not, with all the resources and wherewithal at their disposal?