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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Another Wednesday

On A Wednesday, a common man took on terrorists on celluloid. On another, the Indian Army took on many more in real life.

What are the options before the service chiefs in view of MoD overruling their reservations on the 7th Pay Commission anomalies?

Browbeating of service officers by defence journalists

  This is a follow up of a prior post on the issue of online intimidation by journalists, specially of serving armed forces officers. I was witness to a similar incident, where a pair of journalists ganged up upon someone, apparently a serving officer. It started when the officer objected to one of them linking

Biting the Tail

There’s a need to redefine the ‘teeth’ and the ‘tail’ to carry out a meaningful reduction of flab in Ministry of Defence

Diesel Smoke

The unique bond between a man and his steed is as old as time itself. More accurately, it goes back to the time when man first domesticated animals and, in addition to new source of food, found a better way to move around than walking. Very soon he realized that fighting from the back of

Citizen Soldiers

This post is a result of the 140 word tyranny of Twitter which, while well suited for one-liners and retorts, handicaps expressing of a complex idea coherently. I was trying to refute a view that serving soldiers of the armed forces are banned from expressing political views on social media, and after trying to argue

FOE- Who Will Guard The Guardians?

With volumes having been spoken about Freedom of Expression in the past few days, its difficult to write about it without a wee bit of apprehension. Has everything that’s to be said on the subject already been said? Why bother adding to the terabytes of characters jostling for cyberspace propagating different points of view on

No Man Left Behind

Disaster struck an Indian Army post at 19,350 feet on the icy heights of the Siachen glacier on 3rd February 2016 in the form of an avalanche, burying the ten soldiers manning it under 35 feet of snow. The nation took but a few hours to assume the worst, and social media was abuzz offering

Me Too

There is a reason why our country, like others, maintains Para Military Forces (PMF) in addition to a standing army. The rationale is to have a lower cost force not required to be manned, trained and equipped with the same exacting standards as the armed forces, primarily for peace time border protection and internal security

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