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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Beyond the headlines

In today’s milieu of crisp sound-bites, newsbreak a minute and short attention spans, the struggle to capture eyeballs and mind space of readers and viewers has become fiercely competitive. We, as consumers of news have become increasingly laid back and lazy, preferring our brains to be spoon-fed thoughts and ideas the anchors or journalists find

The Nehru Row

A spate of articles extolling the virtues of Nehru and castigatingng those criticizing him have appeared in the past few days. On the other hand, social media is flooded with posts deriding him and trashing his legacy. My take on the issue is that his contributions can’t be denied. Unlike his great grandson, he put

Who’s Tweeting What – Modi Vs Kejriwal

Having followed both @narendramodi and @arvindkejriwal on twitter for a while, I noticed a distinct pattern to the way they each tweet. To confirm my impressions, I did a detailed analysis of their tweets over a period of the past 50 days (1 Apr to 20 May 2016) and tried to broadly group them into

Citizen Soldiers

This post is a result of the 140 word tyranny of Twitter which, while well suited for one-liners and retorts, handicaps expressing of a complex idea coherently. I was trying to refute a view that serving soldiers of the armed forces are banned from expressing political views on social media, and after trying to argue

Danda Democracy

I always regret not having studied Political Science, having been schooled in a day and age when it was sacrilege to even think of anything except PCM (Physics Chemistry Math) if you were a boy and PCB (Physics Chemistry Biology) if you were a girl. So my knowledge of what comprises a Democracy is very

What if Nehru was still the PM in 65?

What if Nehru had been at the helm of affairs in the 1965 war? Would he have been able to do as well as Shastri did? Or would he have repeated the follies of ’62?

Mere paas Maa hai

Why Rahul Gandhi needs to update his script from 70s to 2015.

Don’t ‘Angry’ the Common Man

I wonder if Arnab Goswami has seen Chennai Express. If he has, he didn’t seem to have taken Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogue, “Don’t underestimate the power of an ordinary man”, seriously. Or maybe its the other way around, and he overestimated his own and his channels ability to control and direct viewers minds. That’s possibly

A Modi voter replies

Dear Aakar Patel, I am a Modi voter, and I will try and answer some of the questions you put to me yesterday (A few questions for the Modi voter). First a little bit about myself, just to clear your apparent misconceptions about who I am. I am one of the 167.5 million Indians who

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