Flexibility in Execution


Military strategists from times immemorial have agreed on decision making as a key attribute of leadership. Good decisions make good leaders, and vice versa. The Prussian military theorist Von Clausewitz considered three ingredients of sound decision making by a leader…

Danda Democracy


I always regret not having studied Political Science, having been schooled in a day and age when it was sacrilege to even think of anything except PCM (Physics Chemistry Math) if you were a boy and PCB (Physics Chemistry Biology)…

Me Too


There is a reason why our country, like others, maintains Para Military Forces (PMF) in addition to a standing army. The rationale is to have a lower cost force not required to be manned, trained and equipped with the same…

Audacious Fortunes

Three brave men across three theatres of operation, bound together by their audacity and good fortune. Each of them survived to personally play a significant role in ensuring ultimate victory for the country, providing decisive leadership at critical junctures. It was as if fortune was actually watching over them, indulgently placing a protective hand to keep them from harm’s way, knowing their sheer audacity would prevent them from looking out for themselves.